Capitalize on Carryout Sales


When customers call full-service or family dining restaurants to order carryout, they often don’t have a menu. Even those who look up on your menu online may still need some help making a decision. Use this opportunity to guide them to making choices they’ll enjoy – and increase your carryout sales – by training your phone team members and ensuring they know the menu.

Customer, calling: Hi, I’d like to place an order, but I’m not sure what I want.

Employee, on phone: Great! Have you eaten here before?

Customer: Oh, yes. I just don’t remember what I had.

Employee: What sounds good to you tonight? We have a pasta special, a fresh grilled salmon and a new fried chicken salad that I’m crazy about!

Customer: Well, my husband likes your ribs so I’ll take that and I’ll try the salad.

Employee: Great! Can I get you an order of breadsticks or onion rings to go with that? We also have peach cobbler that the chef made this morning. It’s amazing!

Customer: You talked me into it!

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