Performance Appraisals for Restaurant Employees


It’s not uncommon for performance appraisals to be the subject of poor reviews themselves. Bring your appraisal process up to speed. The first step is to incorporate issues at the forefront of the hospitality industry as well as your operation.

Food safety: Your employees surely understand the importance of food safety in the kitchen, but what about sanitation in the front of the house? When establishing performance standards, consider holding bartenders accountable for the shelf lives of drink mixes and garnishes. And all servers should check the cleanliness of glassware before setting it in front of guests.

Teamwork: Devise a measurement to incorporate team dynamics into your performance appraisal. Perhaps you could have co-workers rate each other, then add up the scores. You’ll know in a hurry who’s pitching in and who isn’t.

Your pick. Look back at last year and analyze what took place. Were there common-thread issues that could be addressed during the appraisal process? Example: If an open back door too often compromises the security of your restaurant, you might want to review the security diligence of your employees.

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