QSR Tip: More Fun in the Drive Thru


We all know that accuracy and speed (in that order) are the most important components of a successful drive thru, but little surprises in the drive thru can make it more fun for everyone.

  • Throw candy in the bag. Sure, it sounds simple, but it’s inexpensive and sure to please. If you’re worried about the mom who doesn’t want it, keep it in a basket by the window and ask first.
  • Put jokes on the window. One QSR has the beginning of the riddle on the menu board and the answer on the window. They change weekly and even when the driver doesn’t notice, the kid in the back does.
  • Go wacky (with straws). Yes, they cost a bit more for those twirls and whirls, but they’re a big hit with kid’s meals. And, as everybody in this business knows, pleasing the kid is one of the best ways to ensure a repeat visit.

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