Hire the Best Servers by Asking the Right Questions


Guest service is the business you’re in. Without it, you can’t survive. What’s more, your guests continually raise the bar on you, challenging you daily to meet or exceed their expectations. It takes a special type of individual to want to “wait” on or be of service to others. These are the people you are looking for. Try these questions to find them:

“Do you enjoy taking care of others?” Probable answer: Yes.

Follow-Up Question: “Describe a time when you’ve taken care of other people.” Listen for a specific instance, enthusiasm.

“What is your idea of great service?” Probable answer: Smile, friendly, anticipating.

Follow-Up Question: “How did you deliver great service in your last job?” Listen for a specific example, descriptions of communication skills.

“What do you do when someone asks you a question and you don’t have an answer?” Listen for finding the answer or providing name of someone who can answer the question.

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