Server Performance Evaluations: Shift the Focus to Sales


So many performance evaluations read the same for every employee in an operation. And while certain basics definitely do apply, servers should also be evaluated as salespeople. By adding sales techniques into the evaluation process and sharing that evaluation with new hires, you’ll communicate your expectations and you’ll motivate servers to act as sales professionals.

Here are some criteria to consider including in your evaluations:

  • Does the server regularly suggestively sell? Does he or she guide the customer to choices without making the customer uncomfortable? Are appetizers, desserts and drink upgrades consistently recommended? Is the server creative in recommendations?
  • Is the server knowledgeable on the food and its preparation? Does he or she describe menu items creatively and effectively? Are favorites suggested?
  • Is the server knowledgeable on beverage and wine information? Are items paired with menu choices?
  • Does the server build rapport by asking open-ended questions and actively listening?
  • Are sales goals frequently met? Are sales contests actively participated in?
  • Does the server recognize regulars and greet them personally?
  • Does the server actively participate in sales meetings? Does he or she communicate customer needs and requests or suggestions? Does the server willingly and creatively brainstorm effective marketing campaigns that meet the needs of the target customer?
  • Does the server act as an active participant in marketing campaigns? Does he or she understand and effectively communicate specials, coupons, frequent dining programs, etc.?
  • Does the server willingly and completely participate in ongoing sales and service training as provided by the operation? Does he or she look for additional opportunities to improve his or her skill?

By creating a criteria for sales success, you’ll communicate what results you’re looking for in your servers and you’ll prove the old adage, “what gets measured, gets done!

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