Restaurant Training: It’s What You Do


Successful restaurant training is executed by exceptional leaders. When you think of the most effective and successful leaders, you probably think of the most charismatic ones. They exude passion and energy, and people stand in line to just to have a chance at being a faithful follower. But don’t run out and buy your magic set just yet. While charisma can go a long way toward motivating a group, maintaining positive momentum during day-to-day restaurant operations comes from getting your hands dirty, not shining with the stars. The most important “restaurant training” you do is simply what you’re doing… day in and day out. Your waitstaff is always watching you, and will follow your example even if it goes against what you just taught in a waitstaff training session. So be sure you:

  • Admit your mistakes when you make them, and allow everyone to learn from them.
  • Praise good work publicly. It shows you’re committed to your cause.
  • Accept criticism when it’s given to you constructively and appropriately.
  • Remember that how you do things is often as important as what you’re doing.

Explain the “Why” Behind Your Restaurant Training

Adult learners want to know why you’re asking them to learn what you’re trying to teach them. Many adult learners will look at a training situation and decide for themselves whether or not they need to know the information being presented. They’ve already made the distinction between need-to-know and nice-to-know. If you are trying to teach an adult learner something he or she finds useless, you are almost guaranteeing failure. Let an adult learner know why information is need-to-know. If you get him or her on your side from the start by explaining the reasons behind your thinking, your job will be easier.

Involve adult learners in the learning process from a content and context perspective. No one knows better than they do about their own learning styles. If you ask their opinion about how they would like to cover certain material, you create buy-in to your
program and give them ownership.

Restaurant Service and Sales Training

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