How to Energize Your Compliance Training


Okay, we’ll admit it… even the term “compliance training” feels way too boring to excite your people-loving restaurant staff. Although topics such as PCI guidelines, age-restricted sales, harassment, security, and food safety may seem like necessary evils in your overall restaurant training plan, they are critical to your restaurant’s success. Unfortunately, though, compliance training can often feel like Teflon training…. It looks nice, but it just doesn’t stick. Follow these tips to improve the long-term success of your compliance courses.

Customize for Restaurants

Compliance topics are not always universal. The more relevant your training courses are to the restaurant industry, the quicker employees will be able to shift from learning to doing. Choosing e-Learning compliance courses that are designed for restaurants shortens the learning curve.

Reward Successes

Recognition and rewards add extra motivation to compliance, especially when it is done publicly. When employees complete their training – and even more importantly, when you witness them applying it appropriately – recognize and reward them. Compliance-related rewards also give your back-of-house staff an opportunity to participate in contests that are usually reserved for servers.

Stick to the Facts

Compliance training should be presented clearly and efficiently with a focus on strategies that actually move learners toward complying with guidelines being covered. Look for training that uses simple language, short training sessions, and clear assessment strategies to help engage learners.

Track Online

With compliance, it’s not enough for your employees to just finish a course. You need to know they can apply what they’ve learned. Just as important, restaurant trainers and managers need to be able to track course completion. The right learning management system will assign, assess, and track your online compliance training courses.

Adopt a Blended Learning Strategy

Online learning works best when it’s followed by real-world on-the-job training. For compliance topics, this means having mentoring programs and manager check-ins to ensure what employees learn online is being applied on the job.

Online Restaurant Training

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