Safety Is No Accident: 7 Safety Training Topics for Your Restaurant


Providing a safe working environment is especially important in the restaurant business where accidents of all kinds are just waiting to happen. The well-being of your employees should be your main concern, but the impact of an on-the-job accident goes far beyond the person who is injured. Operating with one less staff member will take its toll on the whole team, and worker’s compensation claims can pose a serious financial burden to your restaurant.

Top Safety Training Topics for Restaurant Employees

The good news is that most accidents can be prevented with the right safety training. Make sure your employees are well-trained in these important topics.

  1. Slips and falls: Train all your restaurant employees to avoid slips and falls by paying attention and practicing good housekeeping. Not only will this training help you prevent workplace accidents, it will protect your customers as well.
  2. Knife safety: Cuts and lacerations are some of the most common food service injuries. Your knife safety training should include basic safety guidelines as well as how to clean, dry, and store knives.
  3. Box cutter safety: Sharp box cutters can do just as much damage as knives. All employees should know how to safely use box cutters, as well as replace dull or broken blades.
  4. First aid: Whether it’s a simple cut or abrasion, or an emergency, your employees should be prepared for any situation with basic first aid training.
  5. Safe lifting: Back injuries are often the result of improper lifting. Knowing how to properly lift large and heavy objects will help reduce the risk of workplace accidents.
  6. Heat illness: Kitchens always run hot, but during the summer months that heat can cause serious injury to your back-of-house employees. Make sure your employees are well-trained in how to prevent heat illness and recognize the symptoms in themselves and others.
  7. Handling bodily fluids: It’s not pleasant to think about, but exposure to bodily fluids – either from a co-worker or a customer – can happen in your restaurant. In order to prevent exposure to potentially serious or life-threatening illnesses, train your employees how to properly handle blood or other bodily fluids.

Restaurant Training

In addition to our service and sales training for restaurants, we also offer a variety of safety training programs. Contact us for details.

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