Learning Management Systems and You


The dinner rush is about to start. Do you know where your knowledge is?

As a manager, how your staff learns, retains, and implements knowledge is your responsibility. This goes far beyond what you may have traditionally considered “training.” From service and sales to compliance and safety, the collective knowledge of your staff is what keeps your restaurant going.

If you’re like most restaurant managers, learning management isn’t your only job. In fact, it’s just one of your many duties. You need help to keep your training current, applicable, and effective. That’s where online training and Learning Management Systems come in. An LMS is the motor behind any good online learning environment. As the technical infrastructure, the LMS hosts courses, handles delivery of those courses to users, and tracks and documents user completion and testing.

Features of an Effective LMS

Learning management — both from a process perspective and a content one — is constantly evolving. Your training requirements today may be different tomorrow. Your LMS must evolve with your training needs and goals. Flexibility is key. What is the best LMS? A better question is “What is the best LMS for you?” If you’re shopping for an LMS or evaluating different systems, use this checklist to make sure you’ll have what you need as your circumstances change.

A good LMS will provide you with:

  • 24/7 access to training.
  • Automated reporting that allows you to easily show compliance on regulated training topics.
  • Trackable results per user and per course.
  • Consistent messaging that supports your brand.
  • User friendly interface for both trainees and managers.
  • Quizzes and exams that test trainees’ ability to apply knowledge in the workplace.
  • Excellent technical support if you need it.

LMS: Expense or Investment?

Training is a process, not an event. The LMS you use to provide training and career development for your employees shows your commitment to long-term success — both theirs and yours. Your employees need training not just to do their jobs today, but to maintain a high level of quality work down the road. When you make an investment in your employees, they’ll be more invested in your long term goals and profits. The benefits of a satisfied, well-trained team go far beyond your bottom line. The right LMS will get you there.

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