Mother’s Day Marketing: Violets Are Blue


Mother’s Day can be a prime marketing opportunity for family-oriented establishments.  Here’s a great promotion you can implement with another business, preferably a local florist.

Invite families to take mom out for lunch or dinner at your establishment, where she will receive a free African Violet. It sounds a bit extravagant, but there are two levels to this promotion.

First, for short-term results, present a bounce-back coupon to all visitors on Mother’s Day, encouraging a second visit within no more than a month. Second, for long-term results, the violets will have a ribbon with both your name and the florist’s name. This plant is easy to care for and every time she waters it she will be reminded of your restaurant and the florist.

It’s best to look for a florist to partner with at least a few weeks before the big day. Other tasks for this promotion can be done ahead of time so you’re not swamped in the days before the event. Use the weeks prior to the event to prepare the ribbons, online and newspaper ads, email campaign and bounce-back coupons. The week before Mother’s Day, train your crew on the promotion, run the online and/or newspaper ad, and send out an email blast promoting the event.

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