Quick Waitstaff Training Tip: Recommend a Large


When you train your servers to sell effectively, your profits will increase and so will their tips. Everyone wins! Training servers to recommend the larger size is a simple but powerful sales strategy, particularly effective when selling beer. Conduct a quick waitstaff training session that covers these tactics:

  • If a guest orders something on draft, always say “Large?” as you nod your head up and down.
  • If a guest orders any other beverage that comes in different sizes, always say “Large?” as you nod your head up and down.
  • Recommending the large size gives guests a better value, earns you more tips and can save you steps. How many times has a customer ordered a small beverage, gulped it down, then sent you off running for another one, usually another small? Save yourself the wear and tear. Think big.
  • While you’re at it, think “pitcher” if two or more guests are ordering the same brand. The most effective recommendations highlight the value: “How about a pitcher? You end up getting an extra glass for free!”

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