Quick Marketing Idea: A Reward that Pays You Back


At a recent blood drive, a donor received a coupon for a half-price admission to a theme park, a certificate for 20 percent off at a grocery store and a punch card that promised a free meal after five blood donations. The donor was only hoping for the cookie and juice (and maybe a thank you).

Many of the traveling buses that park outside churches, businesses and fairs are open to ways that they can add benefits to those who give blood. These blood drives see thousands of people and your “gifts” create goodwill while generating new (or at least repeat) business.

So what can you do? Call the marketing department of your local blood bank and offer coupons for free side items, like fries, a bagel or a soft drink. Print special flyers that acknowledge their donation and when customers redeem them, train team members to acknowledge their “gift of life.”

Once you have new customers from the blood drive come in, make sure you treat them like royalty and convert them into to regular customers.

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