Low-Cost Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today


Summer is the perfect time to think outside the box and with kids off from school, it’s easier than ever for restaurants to drum up some side business. Here are some ideas to make your sales sizzle this summer:

  • Recognize veterans with discounts all summer long. In addition to bringing in some customers that may have not visited your operation before, it’s an important way to show our support and gratitude throughout the summer.
  • Support a soccer or softball team. Yeah, it’s been done before, but you can ask for more than the sign in the park and the logo of the shirt. Require coupons be included in all materials, stock the concession stand with more coupons, and offer specials on game days.
  • Scout out smaller athletes. In addition to the standard teams, don’t forget swim teams, park and recreation groups, karate award ceremonies, etc. All of those smaller athletes—and their parents—are looking for places to celebrate as well.
  • Offer your operation for a finger-printing service. There are plenty of local groups that provide this service and are looking for places to allow them some space. Often they’ll handle the advertising for you… and it’s a great opportunity for placement under “community service” listings.
  • Let them hold the car wash or the bake sale or… During slower hours, offer your parking lot to nonprofit groups, provided your coupons are passed out during the process. Hold drink or snack specials and make sure the signage to your operation gets as much attention as that car wash.

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