Marketing Tip: Track Corporate Marketing


Get more for your marketing dollar by tracking your results. This is the only way you’ll discover each marketing campaign’s return-on-investment, which will lead to more profitable promotions. With the holidays right around the corner, you’re probably already thinking about how you can attract more corporate business for catering and parties. Here are some ideas to track the success of your marketing materials:

  • Always include an offer. Even if you are marketing catering services to a corporation and “coupons” aren’t appropriate, you still need to include some type of offer with a deadline. Consider a certificate that offers $50 off or a complimentary side dish, but use a limited-time offer to increase response and provide you with another means of tracking the success of your campaign.
  • Always include a response vehicle. Your coupon may by your response vehicle, but if you’re targeting corporate clients, you must give your prospect a way to respond easily. Include an exclusive code in your letter or email that will allow you to track the promotion
  • Train your team. Whatever system you use to track promotions, make sure your staff is prepared to respond to and keep track of inquiries. It’s the only way you can tell what worked…and what didn’t.

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