Restaurant Marketing with the One-two Punch


The mistake many business people make is to view a particular promotion as an end in itself. Effective marketing, however, isn’t a one-shot deal. Your goal should be not only to attract new customers, but also to encourage them to make purchases, enjoy the service or “experience” your staff provides and come back another day – with their friends.

Think of a one-two combination of punches in boxing when developing your marketing strategies. Don’t be satisfied with just getting people in the door. You have to sell them something while they’re there – and do it in a way that enhances their experience.

Add-on sales and upselling are key components of generating “One-Two Traffic.” In a restaurant environment, it’s important to train front-of-the-house employees, especially greeters, servers and bartenders, to suggest appetizers to go along with beverage orders, upgrade cocktail orders to include premium spirits, and recommend extras that complement entrées. Remember: If customers don’t know the special deals you offer, they can’t participate.

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