Orientation Sets the Stage for Success


The way you treat your employees determines how they’ll treat your guests. This starts during your orientation program. New employees are typically the most attentive and open to new ideas during their first few weeks on the job, so make sure you make the most of that time.

Start Off Strong

Orientation is an important first step of an employee’s time with you. Whether you’re training someone who has worked in the restaurant industry for a while or is just starting out, many employees may be unsure of what to expect. At the beginning of orientation, tell employees what the training objectives are for orientation. Encourage them to ask you questions as you go.

Orientation Benefits

When you do it right, there are many benefits of a successful orientation, including:

Your Role in New Hire Orientation

As a restaurant manager, your words and actions mean a great deal during a new employee’s first days on the job. Lead by example. Make the most out of this time from the very moment new employees walk through your doors by welcoming them and letting them know you’re happy they chose to work at your restaurant.

Make Restaurant Service and Sales Training Part of Orientation

The Service & Sales Excellence Waitstaff Training Series is based on Service That Sells!, a restaurant training philosophy developed by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. Click here to learn more.

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