Playing it Safe


Training your restaurant employees on safety issues is about more than just reducing accidents. Safety permeates every facet of your organization – from kitchen efficiency and staffing to guest service and customer loyalty. That’s why workplace safety training specifically for restaurants is so important. Employees who are well trained on safety topics are more likely to be able to avoid many safety hazards and respond to unpredictable incidents. That gives managers and owners the time and peace of mind to be able to focus on sales and operations.

Online Safety Training for Restaurants

Clear and concise information is the foundation of any safety training program. That makes online training your best starting strategy, allowing you to present critical information in a uniform way to all your employees. Information on its own, though, is not enough to train your staff effectively. If your employees don’t know how to apply what they’ve learned online, you may be facing a safety crisis before you realize you have a knowledge gap. Go beyond the online course to make sure your employees can move from information to implementation. Incorporate these features from your Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Training checkpoints. Use training checkpoints throughout your online program to encourage managers and trainers to check in on trainees at specific points in their training. These check-ins can help keep trainees focused on and on track.
  • On-the-job follow ups. On-the-job manager sign-offs within your LMS ensure your trainees can practice their new safety skills with the benefit of supervision and feedback. Remember, taking a course online is not meant to replace on-the-job training.
  • Scheduling and re-scheduling. Safety training is not a take-it-and-forget-it endeavor. Refresher training is key to maintaining a safe restaurant. With an LMS, you can make your safety courses part of the on-boarding process as well as scheduling annual refresher courses for your existing staff.

Restaurant Safety Courses Online

The Service That Sells! Safety Training Workshop includes modules on basic safety, first aid, fire safety, severe weather preparedness, slips and falls, and cold stress prevention. This workshop should be taken by employees of all levels, from new hires to experienced staffers. Watch the video below or click here for more information.

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