What’s Your Training Plan?


To succeed in the restaurant business, you need to focus on giving your staff the tools they need to be successful. Your restaurant training plans are what will set you apart from other restaurants as you compete for both customers and employees. Check out the training topics are in the most demand.

Harassment Prevention

The restaurant industry has a bad reputation for letting sexual harassment go unchecked. The tide is turning, and many operators are determined to turn this trend around. State governments are too, with many passing laws that require sexual harassment training. A new law in Illinois even calls out the restaurant and bar industry specifically. If harassment prevention is not yet required in your state, it may very well be soon. Get prepared — and protect your staff and your restaurant — with easy-to-implement online training. Learn more here.

Add-On Sales

Increasing your per-person check averages may very well be what keeps your open sign on in the window. While customers are becoming more and more value conscious when choosing where to eat out, they also want to treat themselves with extras when dining out. By teaching servers to suggest appetizers and desserts in a way that enhances the overall dining experience, everyone wines. Kick off your new year with training that focuses on increasing appetizer and desserts sales.

Servers as Salespeople

Many restaurant servers don’t like to think of themselves as salespeople, but the profitability of your restaurant depends on changing that mindset. When servers have the skills they need to suggestively sell, guests have a more enjoyable dining experience, sales improve for the restaurant, and servers make more money. Everyone wins! Check out server sales training options.

Cycle of Service

Throughout a guest experience, you and your staff have multiple opportunities to create a positive experience. We call these the “Moments of Truth” that occur from the time a guest pulls into your parking lot to the minute they walk out the door. Cycle of Service training covers all these details, and pulls them together by creating strong restaurant teams. Learn the steps in the Cycle of Service here.

Food Safety

Restaurant industry experts estimate that a foodborne illness outbreak can cost a business about $75,000. The news is full of stories about foodborne illness outbreaks that make every restaurant operator cringe. Food safety training is a must-have, and presenting it online is the most effective and affordable way to deliver it. Click here for a food handler training option for your staff.

Restaurant Training Programs

The top training topics above are just a few of the courses we offer as part of our restaurant training suite. Browse our full training library here.

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