The Risk Versus Reward Equation for Restaurant Training


Investments are measured based on risk versus reward. The idea of weighing how much something is going to cost against how much it could make you holds true in many different forms of investing. For example, if you need to invest in a new piece of kitchen equipment, you’ll want to weigh the risk (how much it will cost) against the reward (how much it will help with profitability over time). This same formula can be applied to issues related to your staff. After all, your restaurant team is your most important asset.

Restaurant Training is an Investment in Your Staff

Minimizing Training Risks

Every investment has risk – or costs – associated with it. The same is true of training. Whether you’re training online, in a classroom, as part of a team meeting, or on the job, training requires resources. There are ways to reduce these costs and, therefore, reduce your risks.  Defining training goals, using online training to reduce costs, and creating an real-world training scenarios will all reduce the risk of your training investment.

Maximizing Training Rewards

The rewards of a well-trained staff touch every part of your restaurant’s business, from efficiency in the kitchen to sales in the dining room. Consider these benefits of restaurant training:

  • Improved guest service. Training service, safety, communication, and teamwork are essential to ensuring your restaurant guests come back again and again.
  • Increased per-person check averages. Service and sales go hand-in-hand in the restaurant business. When you train servers to sell, you’ll see profits increase.
  • Reduced turnover. When you treat your employees like an investment, they’ll pay you back by sticking around. A training program based on career progression will help you nurture employees to build their careers with your restaurant.
  • Improved teamwork and morale. When you have a well-trained staff, you’re creating a culture where employees know they are valued. Their positive attitudes will show through to guests.

When you implement an effective training program, the rewards outweigh the risks not just today, but well into the future. Click here for details on our online training program just for restaurants and start to reap the rewards of your training investment right away.

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