Restaurant Training from the Top Down


When you think of restaurant training, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably basic entry-level training. After all, your guests will feel it if the new line cook can’t survive the dinner rush or a server can’t recite today’s specials. These topics are important, obviously, but so is the bigger picture. For restaurant training to affect your long-term success, it has to start at the top.

Leadership Training Trickles Down to Managers

No matter how your business is structured, leadership training sets the stage for all other training in your restaurant. Everyone in your restaurant benefits when leaders are trained in topics beyond the broad “how to be a better leader” restaurant training. For example, when leaders learn time management, they will be able to spend more time with guests. When leaders understand different learning styles, they become better coaches.

Management Training Trickles Down to Employees

Managers, more than anyone, are role models for employee behavior. From being a team player to managing conflict, managers are always on stage with employees watching their every move. When managers successfully implement training concepts, employees will follow their lead.

Employee Training Trickles Down to Guests

Think of training from the top down as a reverse funnel. It starts with leaders at the top, then managers, and then employees. It ends with the most important people in your restaurant – your guests! Guests hear, see, and feel the end results of your entire restaurant training program. Every training topic in your learning library affects the guest, including topics that might not have an obvious direct link, like employee safety, receiving, or teamwork.

Restaurant Training from Service That Sells!

When your entire team – from the leader at the top to the brand-new host – is well trained, it helps ensure that every point in a guest visit is positive. This leads to higher sales, improved guest loyalty, and job security for your entire staff.  Service That Sells! is a restaurant training philosophy developed by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. Click here to learn more.

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