Make More Money This Holiday Season (Without More Marketing)


Whether you’re surrounded by snow banks or palm trees, this holiday season will share one characteristic around the United States: it will be busy. And whether you’re as busy as you’d like to be or not, whatever size holiday crowd you have can bring you more money (without additional marketing dollars).

Maximize the guest experience in your restaurant by energizing your team with waitstaff training and incentives programs. The busier your servers get, the easier it is to become an order taker instead of a salesperson. Here are a few games you can play this season to make everyone happier… your guests, your team and your accountant!

  • Float some cash. Get a $20 bill and pick a profitable add-on item, like a special appetizer. Then, give the $20 bill to the first person to sell your featured item. The first to sell two of the items takes control of the 20. The first to sell three gets it from the one who sold two… on and on until the end of the shift. The person who has the money at the end of the shift keeps the cash.
  • Make it perfect. The goal of every salesperson on your team should always be to have a perfect guest check. For most, that tab includes an appetizer, a beverage, an entrée, a dessert and a coffee or after-dinner drink. When servers consistently sell throughout a meal, these perfect guest checks are easy to achieve. The problem is that many servers take orders instead of make suggestions. During the holiday season when everyone wants to splurge, start a running pool of perfect tabs. The winner at the end of each week wins a small prize, keeping the momentum building for the grand prize winner at the end of the season.
  • Get lucky. Unwind your bar’s cash register or computer tape and write “You Win!” at random places. Then, explain that when a server’s drink order prints out the winning message, he or she gets a small prize. The more drinks they sell, the better chance they have to win.

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