What’s the Key to Restaurant Guest Loyalty?


Hint: It’s right in front of you, literally. It’s the productivity of your back-of-house staff. It’s the friendliness of your host. It’s the knowledge and pizazz of your servers. It’s how you work the room on every shift. Does that mean you and your staff have to be perfect all the time? While that would be nice, it’s not realistic, especially in this business. When it comes to restaurant guest loyalty, remember this: great service can save a bad meal, but a great meal can never save bad service.

Great service starts with a comprehensive restaurant staff training program. When your staff is well trained, service improves across the board. Here’s how:

Staff Training Sets Expectations

Your employees need to know what’s expected of them, and your restaurant staff training spells out those expectations. Think about it — your training program is basically a list of the standards employees must meet. Requiring guest service training, for example, tells your employees that you expect them to deliver exceptional service that promotes guest loyalty.

Staff Training Develops Competencies

A competency is the ability of restaurant employee to implement knowledge in real-world job situations. Training takes an employee from knowing how to do something to actually doing it on the job.

Staff Training Increases Morale

Your employees crave inclusion. It’s human nature for people to want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. When they’re working as part of a restaurant team, they share in a common goal to serve your guests. Happy employees lead to happy guests, and your training sets the tone.

Staff Training Reduces Turnover

No matter the topic, training engages your employees. Research shows that engaged employees become brand ambassadors for your restaurant and stick around, even when they might have better opportunities elsewhere. Studies show that companies with high employee engagement double their customer loyalty numbers.

Cycle of Service Restaurant Service Training

With every guest who walks through the door, your staff should be striving to not only meet expectations, but exceed them. Our restaurant service training follows the Service That Sells! Cycle of Service, breaks down a guest’s visit into separate steps from the moment guests pull into the parking lot until that final moment when they walk out the door. Click here to learn more. 

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