6 Ways to Increase Restaurant Check Averages without Servers


We all know that our best customers are the ones who are already in the booth. No matter how well you train your servers to increase restaurant check averages, during the rush of the shift they sometimes miss sales opportunities. Here are six ways that you can easily increase restaurant check averages in other parts of your restaurant:

  1. Signage – If you’re a place that sells pizza, you can assume that many of your customers don’t know about your dessert menu. A sign in the window that says “Don’t forget to save room for our cappuccino and cherry pie” puts in a plug that a busy server may forget.
  2. Separate menus – Consider separate menus for options such as desserts and after-dinner drink options. The result is a presentation that focuses on the dessert, instead of putting it as an afterthought on the back of a menu. And, when servers are automatically required to bring the menu after the dishes are cleared, they’re already opening the dialogue for additional sales.
  3. Specials – Many of our specials focus on the entrees, but research shows that sales increase when any item is a “special.” Include appetizers and desserts into your specials and you’ll boost sales for both.
  4. Server assistants – The more time you have to sell, the more you will sell. If your servers are working hard just to keep out of the weeds, their check averages will suffer.
  5. Samples. It’s been said before, but nothing sells a good product better than the product. When you’re making your rounds, take a tray of something with you. And take the order while you’re at it.
  6. Send it “to go” – Take out has never been as popular as it is right now. For customers who come in to pick up their own order, instruct your to-go attendant to ask them if they’d like to add a dessert to their order for a special price. Dessert is also a great to-go option for guests who are dining in. They may be “too full” right now, but that cherry cheesecake might make a great snack later. 

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