Why Restaurant Owners Love Using Their LMS


An LMS is a learning management system designed to help owners, managers, and trainers assign and track online employee training. The restaurant industry was a little late to the online training game, but today the majority of restaurants use some sort of an LMS to deliver online training. Why? Let’s break it down one word at a time.

L is for Learning

Learning is at the core of any training program, whether that transfer of knowledge is done in person or online. Teaching online provides many learning benefits. Training delivered online is consistent. There’s no risk in one learner getting a different message than another. An LMS also provides an efficient way to get new employees up to speed on the basics of their new jobs. From an employee perspective, online learning provides opportunities to create custom learning paths that align with career progression goals.

M is for Management

You have management processes in place for all other aspects of your restaurant operation, and your training program requires the same attention. An LMS streamlines management tasks related to training. Restaurant trainers and managers can easily use their LMS to assign courses based on an employee’s specific role, skill gaps, or development goals. Reporting – often a missing component of traditional training – is built-in to a learning management system. This is particularly important for compliance training for restaurants where you not only need to convey important legal requirements, but assess and track completion as well.

S is for System

The right learning management system not only puts all your training into one place, it can also connect the functional processes of multiple departments. Training is a form of intentional company communication that can be delivered through your LMS. Many learning management systems allow for storage of important company documentation for easy access by employees even after they complete their training.

An LMS for Restaurants

Our online restaurant training curriculum is delivered through our easy-to-use learning management system. Learn more here.

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