ICYMI: Our Best Restaurant Social Posts from the Past Year


After previously taking a look at our most popular restaurant articles and most asked about training modules from 2018, we today turn our attention to social media. Check out the restaurant social posts below and make sure to follow our main pages on Facebook (@ReadyTraining) and Twitter (@ReadyTraining) to stay up-to-date with all of our social media offerings.

Fire Prevention Day – Oct. 9

Posted on Oct. 9, our Fire Prevention Day graphic looked to raise awareness on the importance of fire prevention in regard to fire safety.

It goes without saying, but having a fire prevention and safety plan in place is a crucial component to any restaurant – whether they be fast-casual or five-star. Proving that point is the more than 1.3 million fires that occurred in 2017, which caused 3400 deaths and $23 billion in damages.

With the increased risk of restaurants contributing to those staggering figures, we’ve included Fire Safety in our restaurant training library. We want to help ensure your business is doing everything it can to prevent fires, while being fully prepared should one unfortunately occur.

National Peanut Day – Sept. 13

Everything has a day. And, as we learned this fall, Sept. 13 is the day we celebrate everyone’s favorite legume — the peanut.

Well, almost everyone.

Over three million Americans have some form of peanut allergy, ranging from mild to life-threatening. And when you take into account the numerous food-related allergens inflicting your restaurant guests, paying extra attention to how your food is prepared has never been more important. Order accuracy in your restaurant is critical to guest safety.

Diversity Infographic – Sept. 5

Tying in with our recently released Harassment in the Workplace online training program, our Sept. 5 infographic provided stats and figures highlighting the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce.

Impacting everything from cash flow to employee retention and morale, diversity truly helps any business grow. And with nearly 70 percent of applicants citing diversity of a company as a key component when accepting a job, it’s never been a more important topic for hiring managers to consider.

Training is key.  With our Diversity in the Workplace module, you’ll be able to instill an understanding of the ever-changing demographics of today’s workforce, while reinforcing the importance of ethnic, gender, and orientation diversity at your specific place of business.

Slips and Falls – Aug. 29

There’s a reason restaurant employees wear those super stylish skid prevention shoes, and it’s because the effects of a slip and fall accident are far-reaching and long-lasting.

Our Aug. 29 infographic highlighted some of the key ramifications of these incidents, including that almost a quarter of employees who experience a slip and fall accident miss more than a month of work and that roughly two million fall injuries occur each year due to safety issues with floors.

With that in mind, our we offer restaurant safety training that includes a Slips and Falls module designed to keep your employees safe and working.

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