Enhancing Your Training Initiatives through Teamwork


Training and teamwork go hand in hand, and you need them both to run a successful restaurant.  Your restaurant’s success depends on both working together seamlessly. Think about it – your team can’t begin to work together if they’re not trained on both the soft and hard skills required to do their jobs. At the same time, your training initiatives will fall flat if they’re not implemented across the entire team.

How Does Teamwork Support Training?

By definition, teams are driven toward a common goal. When individual staff members see themselves as part of a bigger team, they’ll work harder to implement their training.

Strong teams can handle some friendly competition, and incentives and rewards reinforce your training. Take check averages, for example. If you reward your staff as a group for increasing check averages over a period of time, they’ll work together to improve sales and service. Without teamwork, competition can get ugly.

Teamwork supports the basic principles of training by reinforcing goals. The team that trains together, stays together.

How Does Training Support Teamwork?

Cross-training staff members on a variety of tasks allows them to back up their teammates more effectively. Staff members who feel supported by their peers makes them more apt to pitch in when someone else needs assistance.

When staff members are well-trained in their jobs, their confidence in their own abilities improves. Confident people make better teammates.

Well implemented training initiatives give you a chance to reiterate the company vision. When everyone on your staff is aiming for the same target, that sense of unity creates a strong team.

At great restaurants, training is a philosophy, not a department. Your employees are your most important resource, and that resource is even more valuable when it’s held together by teamwork.

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