Your Restaurant’s Internal Customers Key to Economic Survival


Competition for the customer has sky-rocketed. Operators are introducing value pricing and loyalty programs… anything to keep their focus on getting people through the door. While these efforts are indeed necessary, micro-focusing on the needs of external customers often takes energy away from an equally important group of people – internal customers.

The concept of internal customers is nothing new. Most people understand and agree with the general theory. Happy and satisfied employees lead to happy and satisfied guests. When it comes to achieving a successful relationship between managers and staff, one fundamental concept stands above the rest: appreciation.

When employees feel that their hard work isn’t taken for granted by their managers or their co-workers, they are much more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty, both for guests and for each other. As the economic climate continues to test operators’ abilities to adapt to the changing needs of customers, don’t forget to spend time focusing on internal customers. How they’re treated is a direct reflection on guest satisfaction – and guest loyalty.

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