What Are You Thankful For? And How Does that Compare to Other Restaurant Leaders?


You might be thankful that, for once, nobody called in sick on Saturday night. You might appreciate the supplier who was actually on time with the right order. You might even be thankful the new entrée was a hit, the bar had a record night and nobody complained about the service, the food or even the weather.

But this holiday season, why don’t you look a little bit deeper? When it comes to restaurant leadership, consider what top restaurant leaders in this industry (and others) are most grateful for and compare it to your own list of appreciations:

  • Their employees. Successful restaurant managers are backed with a great team of restaurant employees. Why? Because true leaders are more than just competent on the job. They’re passionate about the operation, the work, the team, the customers, the suppliers… the whole process that makes this crazy business worthwhile and rewarding. And this passion shows… and, better yet, it’s contagious. It motivates the entire team, attracts fresh talent and encourages everyone to perform even better.
  • Their boss. It is impossible to have a truly great leader without the full support of a corporation’s CEOs, owners and other big deals. Only when a person is entrusted with responsibility and given the tools and the space needed to perform can a manager become a leader.
  • Their customers. Leaders get the big picture. While it’s tempting to get bogged down on the details of an operation, leaders know that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how they feel: it only matters how the customers feel. Every decision, every bit of training, every shift meeting keeps this focus and encourages everyone else to do the same.
  • Their personal time. The leaders who are most successful (personally and professionally) are those who take time for themselves. They re-energize away from work and seek opportunities that help them grow mentally, spiritually and physically. In short, they have a life… and they’re thankful for it.

This holiday season when life gets so busy you forget where you parked your car, take a moment to remember what you’re thankful for. Then, make a list of what you hope to be thankful for next year… and create a plan that leads you to creating that type of year and becoming that type of leader. After all, New Years and all its resolutions will be here before you know it.

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