Restaurant Management Trends for Next Year


Are you ready for 2018? During the restaurant’s busiest season, sometimes it’s all you can do to get through tonight’s dinner rush, let alone look forward to January. Take a look at the restaurant management trends you have to look forward to when things finally slow down:

Trends in employee training: The idea of “continuous learning” will become more popular. This employee training model builds on the idea of blended learning by increasing the pace of learning using various learning platforms and continuous feedback.

Trends in guest loyalty: In general, consumers have more spending money these days, but they’re still looking for the best value for their dollar. You won’t always be able to compete on price, so you have to offer something more important than that. People want to do business with companies that not only fill their needs, but also share their values. To be competitive, find ways to connect with your restaurant guests by personalizing your marketing and doing meaningful community outreach.

Trends in the restaurant industry: The growth that the restaurant industry has been experiencing for the past several years is expected to continue. One thing to keep your eye on the trend that independent restaurants seem to be faring better than chains. This likely means more competition against new and interesting concepts.

Trends in restaurant staffing: The labor crisis shows no signs of letting up for restaurants, unfortunately. Employers in 2018 will have to take a new approach to staffing challenges. To retain more of your workforce, you’ll need to think outside the box to tap into your employees’ needs for career progression, social responsibility, and work-life balance.

Trends in restaurant leadership: Collective leadership is one of the restaurant management trends you’ll likely hear about in the coming year. With a focus on teams leading companies instead of individuals leading teams, collective leadership will create more innovation and improve employee morale.

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