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How to Work the Room for Restaurant Managers

Do you manage the floor, or do you work the room? Do you ask, “Is everything okay?” or do you expect more than just “okay” from your staff? As a restaurant manager, how you interact with guests throughout a shift impacts their overall perception of their visit. Read the full article for specific ideas on how to provide exceptional service as a manager.

Are You a Boss or a Coach?

Working for a boss is very different from playing for a coach. The first difference is that bosses overlook the true beneficiary of their leadership. Coaches know that the way they treat their employees is the way their employees will treat their guests. Check out our full list of 10 ways coaches are better than bosses.

What Is Harassment? (And What Isn’t?)

The year 2018 marked the beginning of the #metoo movement. If you followed the news, you probably heard a lot of stories about high-profile people who made some very unethical – and in many cases, unlawful – decisions. While some harassment is over-the-top obvious, other cases of harassment are less so. Harassment is any behavior that creates a hostile work environment. Keep reading to learn specific harassment examples that could happen at your restaurant.

Your Success is Written in the Stars

In today’s digital world, a guest can complain about the service or food in your restaurant before they even leave the table. With a few clicks, the public perception of your restaurant can rest in the opinion of one unhappy guest. This article gives you some ideas on how to use online restaurant reviews to your advantage, even when they’re negative.

Restaurant Training from the Top Down

Training is not a one-way street. For your restaurant to deliver exceptional service to every guest on every visit, your training program must encompass everyone on your team. Leadership values trickle down to managers. Manager styles trickle down to employees. And whatever your employees know (or don’t know), directly affects guests. Read the article to learn more about restaurant training from the top down.

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