The Success Formula for Restaurants


Put simply, the philosophy of Service That Sells! is about delivering hospitality and a customized experience for each guest the way he or she wants it to be. The success formula for restaurants is easy — execution each and every day is not. The formula goes like this: Service Mechanics + Hospitality + Customized Experiences = Success! Let’s take a look at each piece.

Service Mechanics

These are the tasks of filling the needs of guests. Many companies call these “steps of service.” If the steps are without personality, chances are they could be replaced with a bit of technology (place your own order, for instance) or easily surpassed by your competitor.


Not only is it what you say, it’s how you say it. Hospitality screams: “We care!” It drives loyalty and frequency. It builds sales by eliminating the competition from guests’ minds. It’s the emotional attachment you make with guests.

Customized Experiences

Why are guests visiting? Celebration? Date? In a hurry? Relaxing? Family night out? First time? Regular? They all have different sets of needs and cannot all be treated with the same service steps. Deliver what guests want, not what the company wants.

If you execute the success formula for restaurants effectively, sales will increase. It won’t happen, however, by itself. Success is in the hands of the manager and staff. It’s your job as a manager to to:

  • Manage the sizzle. True change starts at the top. Many will read this book, but how many will put it into action? Will you? What’s important is talked about constantly. What’s important gets resources — time, effort and energy to ensure it happens.
  • Motivate the staff. If the desire is to improve the guest experience, enhance the employee experience. If employees don’t feel taken care of, they won’t take care of guests. Once knowledge has been imparted, the key is to get the staff to put it into action for the benefit of guests as well as sales and profits.

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