Turn People Issues into Restaurant Leadership Opportunities


As a restaurant manager, you’ve undoubtedly faced people issues. How you handled them – and continue to handle them – will have a profound impact on your entire waitstaff, not just the servers you’ve counseled.

The last thing you want to do is promote turnover in your restaurant, which will serve only to intensify your operational challenges. Show support for servers and other employees. Let them know you’re not around just to hammer new rules into effect. Be a great coach.

When planned and executed with a win-win approach, employee coaching can be a rewarding management experience. Put it into action immediately. Any failure to develop and refine your coaching ability will hinder your leadership success.

When coaching, be consistent. If you sit down with Sally because she was late for her shift, be prepared to sit down with every employee, even a key employee or star performer — who is late in the future. The effectiveness of your coaching will be reduced if you apply rules inconsistently.

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