The Noble Craft of Leadagers


By Chase LeBlanc, Leadagers™ LLC

Great leadership can quicken the transformation from losers to winners, no matter how you keep score. Great leadership shines a light that can invigorate or rejuvenate. Great leadership can wipe away today’s pain or panic by focusing efforts toward a better tomorrow. Great leaders get more sugar (money, power, respect, better jobs) because they bring forth the best chance to achieve success from plans, hopes, and dreams.

  • If you are a leader, your actions or ideas are out in front, influencing and impacting others; and for the purpose of my discussion, they must also add value to the organization.
  • Leaders reveal themselves by doing what they should do, pushing beyond the artificial limitation of “what can I possibly do?”
  • Leadership can be top-down, bottom-up, or sideways, and no matter the scope or style, great leadership exists on small, medium, and large scales.
  • Leadership is not a job title. It is not universally listed on the human resource department’s “people-power” vacancies. Rarely, if ever, is one hired as an assistant leader or general leader,

Business management gurus of the world have long stated that most business managers have leadership built into their job description. Natural-born leaders will need to be skilled at actually managing business operations if they hope to be successful in a managerial role. Business realities dictate that if you are named to head a department or group, you are expected to lead its direction, manage the resources, and be accountable for results, good or bad (people, performance, profits, culture, legacy, etc.).

The job likely includes driving sales, controlling costs, meeting or exceeding standards, doling out rewards and punishments, communicating up, down and across, and serving and protecting the organization, among other things. As such, you need to be part shaman-ambassador-fill-in- worker-camp counselor-traffic cop, or better yet, all leader-manager. I prefer the term leadager.

As a leadager, you will be practicing the seldom natural, highly sought, fine art combo of  great management and leadership (best viewed with an old world sensibility toward craftsmanship or apprenticeship). By comparison, if the “real” job of acting can be considered a “noble craft” then by all rights we must include the job of “running” a real business within the same realm.

So there you have it. I advocate verbally compounding leader and manager to illustrate the point that if you are managing people, it is the proper terminology to use. Even though most old school folks will never make a job title out of any part of the word leadership, the fact remains that in business — management and leadership are logistically inseparable.

Chase LeBlanc is the founder and CEO of Leadagers™ LLC. He is a food and beverage industry expert with almost thirty years of experience in the ownership, openings, operations, management, and turnarounds of high-volume restaurant and nightclub concepts.

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